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Our Journey To Delicious HK BBQ


To provide our patrons with a complete, hot, and well balanced meal at an affordable price.


We are dedicated to the use of fresh ingredients to create authentic flavors & serve delicious food in a crisp, modern environment.


To change the perception of what authentic Chinese Food can be, while providing a top-rate experience through the atmosphere of the restaurant and the attention of the service team.




Have you experienced the savory sensation of Cantonese Cuisine? Well, Tasty Box is here to engulf your taste buds in an authentic adventure of specially styled Chinese cuisine.


The story behind Tasty Box was inspired, among other things, by an episode of “Ugly Delicious,” which aired on Netflix starring David Chang, the chef of Momofoku. The episode exposes the origin of stereotypes facing Chinese cuisine in America, and its resulting devaluation by a culture not given the chance to experience what this amazing food is truly about. With Tasty Box, we see an opportunity to challenge stereotypes by participating in changing the paradigm of what the Chinese restaurant in America is and what it can be.


Tasty Box is a gateway to Cantonese Cuisine, focusing on Siu Mei. Siu Mei is essentially Chinese BBQ or the rotisserie of Chinese cooking. Siu Mei is known for its unique BBQ flavor, and its appeal stems from the aromatics gained during the roasting process and sauce pairings. This combination creates the perfect harmony of sweet and savory that compliments the meat’s natural flavor. The result is a delicate balance of flavor rendering a meat that is tender, juicy, and at times with a crispy texture.


Tasty Box is the brainchild of two brothers, John and Tommy Lau. The brothers work alongside their Father and head chef Sing Moon Lau. Sing has been developing and perfecting Cantonese cooking for more than 50 years. He has practiced his artistry both in Hong Kong as well as here in the United States. In the past several decades, he has led multiple teams in opening new restaurants throughout the San Gabriel Valley. John is a general contractor by trait and has helped dozens of restaurant owners and franchisees build their dream restaurants. Tommy, the younger of the two brothers, is the expert behind the numbers with over a decade of experience in the financial services industry. Both brothers have worked in the restaurant business for more than a decade, before excelling in their current professions. Now the three of them are combining their expertise in this new and exciting venture, and invite you to share their passion for thoughtfully prepared treasures of Cantonese cuisine.

2769 S Diamond Bar Blvd

Diamond Bar, CA 91765, USA

MON - SAT: 11am - 8pm

SUNDAY: Closed


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